Our Mission

Our Mission

Noblesville Students for Life was founded in August of 2021 at Noblesville High School and exists to educate students on what abortion is and empower students to do something about it, all so that abortion will end in our lifetimes. We are an official Students for Life of America group.

Check out some of our other beliefs below!

Life begins at conception, so all preborn children should be protected from abortion violence

The scientific consensus is that life begins at conception. Abortion is not just a "termination of a pregnancy"- abortion violently claims the life of a preborn baby. There is no good reason to have an abortion. The circumstance of conception, gestational age, race, sex, disability, and so forth are not reasons to claim the lives of innocent babies, though unfortunately, this happens every day. Preborn children are slaughtered because they are "inconvenient," "clumps of cells," "the wrong race," "the wrong sex," or "are going to lead terrible lives due to disability." This is wrong, and we're here to make sure all children, both born and preborn, are respected and protected. Call us crazy, but we think EVERYONE deserves a birthday!

Love Them Both

Here at Noblesville SFLA, we care about the mother and child that are preyed on by the abortion industry. We call this our "Love them both" philosophy because often, groups will advocate for one but not the other. We believe it is crucial to support mothers in need and advocate for preborn children. Abortion solves no problems and destroys not just a child, but also a family.

We have always been committed to supporting pregnant women in need before and after birth, but now that we are in the post-Roe, we will be focusing on this even more.

If you are pregnant and need help, please click here to find pregnancy resources near you. You are strong enough to choose life, and there are lots of people (including us) that are here to support you!