AL Meetings

Welcome to the meetings page! On this page are the descriptions for each AL meeting we will have this semester. To see what other activities we have planned, click here.

P.S. Remember to request an E-hallpass from Mrs. Ellis prior to the meeting! Can't wait to see you there!

Roe is gone- Now what?

On August 26th, join us to learn about what Roe being overturned means for the pro-life movement. We still have A LOT of work to do to save lives and support mothers in challenging pregnancies!

Debating Bodily Autonomy Arguments

On September 8th, join us to learn how to debunk the exhausted slogan of "my body, my choice."

Event Planning

On October 6th, join us to help brainstorm for our upcoming events and learn about the March for Life!

Adoption and Foster Care

On November 17th, join us to learn about modern adoption and foster care so you can be better equipped when discussing these topics. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so make sure you come to this meeting!

Fetal development

On Dec. 2nd , join us in room 1246 for our meeting on fetal development! Prenatal sciences prove that the preborn are human beings, right from the moment of conception. We will also be making baby blankets for expecting mothers!

Got ideas on what we should discuss next?

Fill out this google form to give us your ideas on what our next pro-life meeting topic should be! What do you find most interesting? What do you have a hard time debating? let us know!